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About International Music Culture Association Singapore


Founded by Mr. Kan Chuan & Dr. Wu Yang, International Music Culture Association Singapore (IMCAS) is a music organisation located in Singapore and registered with ROS (Registry Of Society, Singapore) in 2016. IMCAS seeks to develop and improve classical music culture in Singapore, and to promote the international music communications through various musical programs.

Since 2017, we had organised our international music competition named "Singapore International Classical Piano Competition", to enhance the music culture communication between Singapore and other countries, and also provide opportunities for young musicians to perform and show their talents on an international stage. 


In the last competition, "3rd Singapore International Classical Piano Competition 2019", which took place in Aug 2019, there were more than 1200 candidates from 15 countries and regions had joined, and 180 of them got a chance to show their talents on the stage on Final Round in Singapore. 

This year, after two years Covid-19 Pandemic, we finally resume the competition for the 4th time. "4th Singapore International Classical Piano Competition 2022" will be held on 13 and 14 August 2022, in Lee Foundation Theatre, Singapore.  We welcome all the competitors to enjoy this wonderful evert!

Founder’s Notes 
Mr. Kan Chuan

Singapore's arts scene has grown into the world-class offering of more international and professional works. We hope to make Singapore’s music scene a colorful brew of local and international works with internationally renowned musicians, music learners performing here, guide and cultivate more elegant audience to appreciate music.

Dr. Wu Yang

Nothing is worth living for without music.

IMCAS will try its best to create opportunities for local musicians to make international communications and promote the music culture in Singapore. 

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