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Audition Exemption to SRMC

Cooperate with Singapore Raffles Music College (SRMC), the prize winners of 4th Singapore International Classical Piano Competition 2020 will be granted the privilege of audition exemption, if they like to enrol and study piano courses in SRMC.

For enquiry, please email to:


1. Only applicable to Category F and Category G (Adults).

2. Candidate need to be 15 years old and above.

3. For First Prize and Second Prize winners, all levels of piano courses will be applicable. For Third Prize winners, all levels except Bachelor Degree courses will be applicable.

4. Only performance audition will be exempted. Candidates need to fulfil other admission requirements, include: age, school graduation certificates, music theory placement test, and English level test.

5. For Music Theory and English Level, candidates can have the test organised by SRMC after the competition, if they can not provide related certificates.

6. Qualified Candidate can start learning in SRMC in Sep 2020, or March 2021.

A introduction of SRMC and Detailed Admission Requirements can be found here:

Introduction of SRMC

Music Theory Placement Test Guide can be found here:

Theory Placement Test Guide
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